Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guess what? I'm blogging!

Ok so I know it's been forever, well Halloween actually, since i blogged last. I've been so behind it's like i can't catch up, so I'm just going to start now. My grandpa Blad just passed away a couple weeks ago, and I was able to see a lot of my family that I hadn't seen in awhile, and it just reminds me how important family really is. Whenever I go to a funeral I always think, am I living my life the way I should? and what would people say at my funeral, or what would I want people to say. It really makes you open your eyes to the big picture. Why are we really here and what is the most important things to us. It all comes back to family. I Love mine. I wish I could see them all more. So a little update on the past 7 months. Christmas was good, my kids too spoiled, Brylee and Aspen turned 7, Cadence turned 5, and Kyler turned 10. Wow! Time really flies! I remember when they were all so little and I thought my life was over and I'd never be able to go shopping again. But it wasn't and I'm so sad to see them grow up so fast. I don't miss changing all the millions of diapers, but I do miss all the cuddling. Kids are such a joy! It's hard so many times, but rewarding. I am so thankful to be a mom. Here's a few pictures from my Grandpa Blad's funeral.
This is all of my dad's siblings. From left to right on the back row: Paul, Dale, My dad Phil, Merlin, Devon,and the front row left to right: Kent, Rinda, and Blaine. Man do I love these guys! They are all soooooo FUN!
Look at the great looking guy in his dress blues. Brent was able to present the flag to my oldest Uncle Blaine at the graveside service. It was really touching and what an honor for him to be able to do that. There wasn't a dry eye there. It's nice to see a little emotion from such a tough guy. He thought high of my grandpa, and my grandpa adored him.

The picture says it all.

This is the last picture we got of our family with grandpa before he passed away. What good memories I have growing up living next to him. We'll sure miss you grandpa! I'm sure he is so happy to finally be reunited with my Grandma Loueda and Aunt Janell.

This is a random picture, but I had to throw it in there. This is Cadence and Kyle at our Cabin. Aren't they cute!


Nicole said...

Yeah- you posted! It must have been my suggestion that inspired you to do it, right? And I know you must've meant me when you said how much you loved seeing family at the funeral! :o) Kidding aside- I loved seeing you (your hug in the hallway at the viewing sure made me feel loved! Thank you!)and your kids and EVERYONE in the Blad family! It's the best family around and no wonder Grandpa was so proud! Josh found out this morning that we weren't having the reunion and he was seriously bummed! I can't remember if you gave me your e-mail so I could invite you to my blog or not but when I find them all, if your isn't there, I'll make sure to find out your e-mail and invite you!

Nicole said...

Now that's a comment! :o) Anyone else out there going to leave one? I dare you!

sarahblad said...

We are all going to miss grandpa!

The Zufelt Family said...

cute pic of those two- good job!

The Royal Family said...

good job! Sorry to hear about your grandpa that's too bad, let us know if you need anything. :) Talk soon, Brandy